tisdag 24 september 2013

Eternal Flames

Needed to do some procrastination, so I figured I could write a few lines about a sweet burn deck.

Direct damage is is a valid, and not insanely expensive, approach to Old School magic. With both Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning legal, players have access to two of the best burn spells ever printed. The restriction is mainly that the future great red creatures, like Jackal Pup and Wildfire Emissary, are still many years away.

One approach is to go the road of Electric Eel Aggro, adding blue to the deck to get access to aggressive creatures like Serendib Efreet and Electric Eel. This also gives the player access to Psionic Blast and Energy Flux. Another approach is to add green, for an Erhnam Burn'em deck, with a higher overall curve, but access to Kird Apes and the Channel/Fireball combo.

And this play.
JummJumm is playing it clean though. He has been playing Old School for a long time, and is a part of the Varberg play group. He is usually playing a monored burn deck with a lot of sweet tech.

Eternal Flame!
Apart from the 8 Bolts and the bigger burn spells, JummJumm supports the Howling Mine / Relic Barrier packages and a full set of Mishras and additional Copper Tablets to get past Circle of Protection: Red and Greater Realm of Preservation. In particular I like the 4 Detonate and the Mirror Universe. Good show, and I hope we'll see it in action again next BSK!

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  1. Nice approach. Speaking of burn decks, if I had the cards, I would try a deck that abuses Candelabra of Tawnos with Mana Flare and Gauntlet of Might to power out huge Fireballs, Disintegrates and maybe Earthquakes. Adding 8 Bolts, 4 Ball Lightning and Fork, this would be a decent amount of burn. I wonder if something like that could be any competitive.

    P.S: I really love your format! Sadly I sold all my magic cards years ago. ;)

  2. I really like how this deck completely blanks creature "removal" (Swords to Plowshares, Moat, the Abyss, etc).
    Detonate seems really strong for artifact heavy decks. This deck's biggest problem is probably Ivory Tower and it's a nice solution for it.