BSK finals, playoff in Toronto, and more Canadians

The BSK finals was held yesterday in Gothenburg. After an exciting but fairly short final (just above the hour), Elof emerged as the champion after a Demonic Tutor for Fireball in top-deck mode.

Elof. Your parents will love him.

This is his second shark in two tournaments! A longer report and more pictures will be provided by Elof/Kalle during the coming week. At the same time there was a smaller tournament at the same location, I'll be sure to post about that as well when I have more info.

The champion being crowned means that we can also finally update the pimpwalker points score for BSK. Currently we have the following t8, with a little more than 3 months left of the season (but no really big tournaments left):

1. Egget    60p
2. Pefken    56p
3. Elof    41p
4. Schram    39p
5. GaJol    29p
6. Mg    22p
7. Honka    21p
8. Almelund    20p

The Toronto crew headed by Fabian Sanglard held a first gathering yesterday to get a feel of the format. Apparently it went very well, and how could it not with beautiful decks like this one (courtesy of Jason Pilarski):


I'll hopefully get some more pictures from the event later during this week as well.

I've also been contacted by another group of Canadians this weekend, a Dave from the west cost. Him and his friends had played a format with the same legal sets as this one, but with a highlander rule to increase the variation. After finding this blog he said that they were going to start building decks with 4-off using our B&R, and I'm looking forward to some sweet lists from them!