Fishliver Oil Cup Ed. 1 Top16

Andrea Giarola's Lore. 1st place.

Alban Lauter's New Skies. 2nd place.

Andre Brunet's The Deck. 3-4th place.

Leo Bruder's Troll Disco. 3-4th place.

Marco Rocchetti's Black Disaster. 5-8th place.

Philipp Steinisih's White Zoo. 5-8th place.

Simone Esposito's Mono Red Artifacts. 5-8th place.

Valerio Minelli's JuzamGeddon. 5-8th place.

Andrea Braida's 4c Sweet Stuff. 8-16th place.

Federico Taccola's WW. 8-16th place.

Francesco Delfino's TaxEdge. 8-16th place.

Giacomo Zorzan's Erhnam Burn'em. 8-16th place.

Guillaume Denoix's The Deck. 8-16th place.

Marco Benucci's Power Monolith. 8-16th place.

Peter Schnidrig's The Deck. 8-16th place.

Stefano Venturini's Burning Artifacts. 8-16th place.