Playoteket 93/94 17/8

Enea's Crusade Deck. 1st place.
Mayie's TaxEdgeGeddon. 2nd place.


  1. Awesome decks as always!

    I find it very interesting how many Crusade decks, Zoo decks, RG Ernham Djinn, Suicide Blue, etc decks there are in 93/94. Isn't Wizards of the Coast always saying that aggro decks always sucked, until the release of the 2013 Core Set or some such?

  2. Yeah, the aggro decks works pretty well :) One reason that aggro didn't show any real results in 1994 might be that the concept of mana curves wasn't really understood or used until 1996. To quote George Baxter's Mastering Magic Cards book from 1995; "One major problem [with white decks] is the fact that white's development time is extremly slow in many cases", "White is seldom used to stand alone and generally relies on other colors to mount an effective attack", and "Red is a color of obvious and immediate power and perhaps the easiest to master". Monowhite decks were usually dismissed, red was commonly seen as a "beginner's color", and the more difficult intricacies of playing or building aggro decks weren't explored until years later. After mana curves and deckbuilding evolved, the red sligh decks were very popular for a few months, even though 4-off Necropotence was an option. After that, Urza block was printed an ushered in an era of truly degenerate combo decks, which made creature decks much harder to justify.

    It is pretty funny (and interesting) to apply our current knowledge of magic to the old tools :)

    1. Thank you for that! I never actually read Mastering Magic Cards, and it's interesting to think about how understanding of strategy and deckbuilding has evolved. I really like that your site provides a different perspective and an appreciation for the old days (that was when I started playing, too).


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